Discover the exceptional talents of the artists that we support, each bringing their unique vision and creativity to the Realm of Historia, where history, art, and technology beautifully intertwine.

Gareggin Harutyunyan

A Visionary Artist at the Intersection of Tradition and Modernity

Garegin Harutyunyan's art is a captivating blend of classical painting and contemporary influences, merging pop art with archaic styles. His work carries elements of surrealism, adding an enchanting historical dimension to his creations. This process on Gareggins canvas extends to the world of street art, a genre rooted in ancient times, which he modernizes with his own twist. His portrait of Jim Morrison, brilliantly fuses graffiti, antique portraiture, pop art, and street art into a cohesive narrative of modern painting. As an artist, Gareggin's mastery shines through in his ability to seamlessly navigate various genres while maintaining his unique artistic identity. Yet, he is not just an artist; he is a visionary whose creativity has been a lifelong passion, shaping his distinctive perspective on art and life.

Sveta Gas

Essence of Freedom and Love in Abstract Art

Svetlana is a certified art therapist whose journey through the world of art has been a unique exploration of freedom, self-discovery and boundless creativity. She graduated from the prestigious Faculty of Arts with a major in Fine Arts from Moscow State University. Academic studies in the field of semiotics and general art theory led Svetlana on a fascinating research journey of new forms (self-expression) of fine painting. Her art is the embodiment of pure freedom, an unfiltered manifestation of the deep inner processes and energies that live inside each of us. Svetlana’s art is a testament to the beauty of the process, a process that is always mutual, the dance of the artist and the canvas, the energies of the world and the essence of the human soul. Her work is a celebration of freedom, a symphony of love and a visual representation of a limitless, timeless and ever-evolving journey of self-discovery and creativity.

Gohar Sargsyan

Complexities of Existence

Born into a family of artists in Gyumri, Gohar Sargsyan's artistic journey has evolved over three decades, ultimately finding its true expression in painting. From textile design to video art, her creativity knows no bounds. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, human connections, and the universe, her art strives to understand the complexities of existence. Gohar's journey with the Yerevan Biennial Art Foundation challenges her to work publicly, bringing insight from audience reactions. She advocates for support of Armenian artists and believes in leading by example.

Marina Hagopian

Insignificance vs Significance

Marina Hagopian is an accomplished artist whose journey began at the Applied Art Institute in Syria, where she specialized in sculpting. Her passion for art led her to the Cultural Foundation of Abu Dhabi and culminated in her graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts in Armenia. Marina draws inspiration from the contrast between her own small existence in the vast universe and the delicate balance of importance and insignificance in the grand scheme of creation itself. Her work explores the subtleties of being unnoticed or seemingly simple, echoing her own experiences in the world. She is a versatile artist who enjoys experimenting with various materials, with clay and paper being her favorites. Clay transforms into bronze under her skilled hands, and paper offers a canvas for both painting and sculpture, allowing her to express her artistic vision in diverse and captivating ways. Her art serves as a reminder of the profound beauty found in the intricate balance of existence.

Mary Badalian

Artistic Discovery

Armenian residing in Yerevan, Mary Badalian stands as an accomplished contemporary visual artist, whose journey through art is as distinctive as her creations. Her style and technique bear the mark of her grandmother —an accomplished embroiderer. Mary's art blends traditionally feminine crafts with fine art, intricately weaving together past and present. Graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow, Mary's commitment to artistic growth and refinement is unwavering. Her art transcends local boundaries, finding resonance in international exhibitions and galleries. In the heart of Yerevan, Mary stands as a testament to the transformative power of art.

Lilit eghiazaryan 

Paradox or Harmony, or both?

Born in Yerevan, Armenia, Lilit Eghiazaryan is a dedicated artist who continually explores new avenues for her artistic expression. Her art thrives on metamorphosis, where paradoxical forms find harmony. Lilit's art is an ever-evolving exploration, a journey that defies convention and seeks the extraordinary in the ordinary.

elsa eghiazaryan (Ilse)

Artistic Harmony

Elsa's artworks resonate with the language of freedom, a harmonious dance with the world where liberation becomes the bridge between the artist and her craft. Her canvases serve as vessels of her emotional nature, a conduit for her deep-seated emotions and unwavering love for art. Art, for her, is the precise path she traverses to reach equilibrium. Through her works, she invites us to share in her emotional landscapes and to witness the ever-evolving dance between her inner-self and the world that surrounds her.

Armen Hakobjanyan

From Architecture to Art

Armen Hakobjanyan, a skilled architect and painter, hails from Sisian, Armenia. After graduating in architecture, Armen's urban landscapes ignited a new perspective in his painting. His iconic mountainous landscapes embody the essence of transformations. Rather than pondering "what" to paint, Armen focuses on "how" to paint. His art questions the need to recreate nature's perfection. Armen's story is a testament to the interplay between architecture and art, emphasizing the transformative power of dedication and perseverance. Rather than pondering "what" to paint, Armen focuses on "how" to paint. His art questions the need to recreate nature's perfection. Armen's story is a testament to the interplay between architecture and art, emphasizing the transformative power of dedication and perseverance.

Baron Scancelli

Exploring Imperfection

Baron is a versatile artist whose creative journey began with a passion for photography, followed by a foray into film and video. He's also a prolific writer with a focus on poetic and relationship writing. His art draws inspiration from Impressionism and 20th-century visionaries like Pollock, Picasso, and Warhol. Beyond art, Baron's life revolves around construction, innovation, technology, and sustainability. His mixed media artworks celebrate imperfection and blur the lines between "Art" and "Artist" under the pseudonym "Scancelli." Baron's philosophy emphasizes resourcefulness and using art to explore human emotions and life's complexities. Success, he believes, is an ongoing journey that requires daily dedication.

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