Realm of historia


Preserve the Past, embRace the FutuRe

“Realm of Historia: Carahunge X™ digital asset collection represents an innovative approach at philanthropic fundraising for the preservation, promotion and exploration of cultural heritage sites globally. Fusing history, art and technology for the past and future.

Stage 2



Current Stage


Stage 2 will involve the minting of 20 Realm of Historia: Carahunge X™ collection tokens. Ensuring all mechanisms work smoothly.


  • Final metadata check
  • Testing of the mint mechanism
  • Unreveal mechanism
  • Testing of wallet collection and airdrop
  • Testing of burn mechanism
  • Testing of the wallet receiving funds
  • Marketing & Communication Preparations


We are primed to mint;

  • 20 Realm of Historia: Carahunge X™ collection tokens minted
  • 20 ROH: Chests tokens airdropped
  • Wallet with exactly $4,400 USDC in devnet tokens or SOL equivalent

Self-sustainable Heritage

Acquiring our digital asset is an act of cultural preservation and a direct investment in the communities that keep our shared global heritage alive. Our project turns the world's cultural and historical legacy into a sustainable, self- supporting ecosystem, all powered by blockchain technology and the unique potential of web3.

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