WelcOme tO the

Realm Of histOria

Realm Of HistOria missiOn

Build a culture of web3 philanthropy

Encourage people to participate in social and philanthropic initiatives for cultural heritage.

Provide digital preservation of cultural heritage objects and locations.

Build a community to explore history and culture with the help of web3 products.

Increase awareness and involvement of young audiences in social, cultural and historical initiatives.

Create safe and transparent infrastructure for philanthropic contributions based on blockchain technology.

Raise contribution volume and effectiveness with new interactive, informative and immersive digital experiences.






Many people are skeptical of charities and are unsure of how their contributions are being used. This can lead to a lack of trust and a decrease in door contributions.

REDUCTION in individual contributions


Some charities have been accused of mismanaging their funds and using them for purposes other than those intended. This can lead to a loss of trust and a decrease in contributions.

UNINSPIRED partnerships


There are many charities and nonprofit organizations competing for donations, which can make it difficult for individual charities to stand out and attract support.

DISCONNECTION of contributors



Realm of Historia utilises the use of web3 & blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and NFTs for charitable purposes, it brings:

Increased transparency and accountability

Blockchain and NFT technology allows for greater transparency and accountability in charitable giving. Contributors can see exactly how their funds are being used, and charities can provide detailed information about their projects and initiatives.

Improved engagement with contributors

The use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, can create unique, engaging experiences for contributors (Stewards of Historia). Contributors (Stewards of Historia) would obtain NFTs that represent virtual experiences, such as virtual concerts or meet-and-greets with celebrities, that could be auctioned off to raise funds for theµcharity and philanthropic initiatives.

Enhanced impact and charitable giving

The use of blockchain technology and NFT technologies can improve the effectiveness of charitable initiatives and maximize their impact. This could include using data analytics and other tools to identify the most effective strategies and allocate resources accordingly.

Greater flexibility in charitable giving

NFTs and other web3 technologies can provide greater flexibility in charitable giving. Contributors (Stewards of Historia) can easily transfer and trade their contributions, and charities can quickly and easily receive and distribute funds.

A JOuRney ThROugh Time and CultuRe

As you travel through these historically accurate and artistically rich environments, interactive elements enrich your journey. Embark on virtual treasure hunts, solve history-inspired puzzles, engage in interactive storylines, and even partake in reenactments of crucial events in human history. The Atrium, in its immersive and interactive glory, is our commitment to preserving our shared global heritage and making it accessible and engaging for all.

The atRium

Privileged Access

Stewards of Historia will be provided with exclusive access to The Atrium. Each collectible will act as a digital key, opening the doors to a realm that blends the past, present, and future in an immersive digital landscape.

Dynamic Platform

In addition to fostering a unique social and interactive environment, Realm of Historia will serve as a dynamic platform for further drops, quests, special events, and more.

The Immersive Experience

Inside The Atrium, Stewards of Historia will find themselves in an awe-inspiring virtual cultural park. Here, they will be able to explore, interact, and participate in a variety of activities, contributing to a vibrant and evolving community.

Limitless potential

The future of the Realm of Historia is directly tied to the evolution and growth of The Atrium. As it develops and expands, the value and utility of the digital collectibles are expected to grow, providing collectors with new experiences and opportunities.

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