How it works?

Building infrastructure

In order to enhance the site's appeal to tourists and ensure accessibility, allocated funds will be utilized for the enhancement and expansion of current infrastructure. This encompasses the creation of concrete pathways, parking, the establishment of visitor centers, the installation of informative signage, and the improvement of various other amenities.

Protection & preservation

In order to protect our global cultural heritage, we must remain vigilant, as these sites face threats like conflict and war, unregulated tourism, neglect, and the impacts of climate change, which can lead to their decline. On the flip side, through meticulous conservation and restoration, enhanced security measures, educational initiatives, collaborative efforts, and the integration of innovative technologies, we aim to counter these threats and preserve these cultural treasures.

Initiating scientific research

Part of the proceeds will be dedicated to fuelling continuous exploration and fresh scientific investigations. This endeavor will benefit from the collaboration with local and global archaeologists, geologists, anthropologists, historians, archae-oastronomers, paleontologists, surveyors, ethnographers, conservationists, epigraphers, ceramicists and other experts, delving deeper into the enigmas concealed behind each historical site.

Promotion in the world

The collection will be brought into the global spotlight through a promotion strategy that encompasses targeted digital marketing, strategic partnerships with tourism organizations, educational initiatives, media collaborations, influencer engagement, participation in cultural festivals, and a commitment to sustainable tourism. This multifaceted approach aims not only to highlight the unique fusion of Armenian heritage with contemporary art but also to foster a connection with global audiences, encouraging both physical and digital appreciation while contributing to the preservation and celebration of this ancient site.

Artist support

The envisioned digital collections will not only honor the genuine historical marvels of the past but also fuse them with the artistic merit of contemporary art. For our Realm of Historia: Carahunge X collection, these digital assets will feature distinctive art pieces crafted by prominent Armenian artists. These masterpieces will be meticulously transferred onto the surface of the digital stones and eternally preserved on blockchain for future generations to cherish.



Realm of Historia utilises the use of web3 & blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and NFTs for charitable purposes, this brings:

Increased transparency and accountability

Blockchain and NFT technology allows for greater transparency and accountability in charitable giving. It’s as simple as googling the wallet address. Contributors can see exactly how their funds are being used, and charities can provide detailed information about their projects and initiatives.

Improved engagement with contributors

The use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs (digital assets), can create unique, engaging experiences for contributors (Stewards of Historia). Contributors (Stewards of Historia) would obtain NFTs that represent virtual experiences, such as virtual concerts or meet-and-greets with celebrities, that could be auctioned off to raise funds for the charity and philanthropic initiatives.

Enhanced impact and charitable giving

The use of blockchain technology and NFT technologies can improve the effectiveness of charitable initiatives and maximize their impact. This could include using data analytics and other tools to identify the most effective strategies and allocate resources accordingly. Unlike traditional charities, providing continuous value back to the contributor.

Greater flexibility in charitable giving

NFTs and other web3 technologies can provide greater flexibility in charitable giving. Contributors (Stewards of Historia) can easily transfer and trade their contributions, and charities can quickly and easily receive and distribute funds.

Solana Blockchain

Our project is proudly based on the Solana Blockchain, a decision driven by a commitment to providing our users with the most seamless, efficient, and secure experience. By harnessing Solana’s innovative architecture, we're able to offer quicker transactions and minimal fees, enhancing user interaction without compromising on security. Solana stands as the optimal chain for this ambitious task. Its scalability and flexibility will enable us to construct a rich and immersive virtual world, where creativity and innovation thrive. Solana’s well-established reputation for speed, low costs, and robustness aligns perfectly with our own values, guaranteeing the authenticity and safety of our assets. By developing our project on Solana Blockchain, we aim to ensure that our community enjoys a trustworthy and efficient environment, highlighting our pledge to both innovation and reliability.

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