SelF-sustainaBle HeRitage

Acquiring our digital asset is an act of cultural preservation and a direct investment in the communities that keep our shared global heritage alive. Our project turns the world's cultural and historical legacy into a sustainable, self-supporting ecosystem, all powered by blockchain technology and the unique potential of web3.

Realm of Historia: Carahunge X

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This collection is limited to 2500 unique pieces where art, history, and technology converge

RoH has committed to allocating a significant share of the proceeds to the real-world preservation, protection, and exploration of the historical Carahunge megalith site. We are proud to support Armenian artists through collaboration on the creation of digital assets.

Built on the Solana blockchain, every piece is a passport to ‘The Atrium’, a virtual realm where exclusive content and interactive experiences await.

This collection serves as the inaugural step to the expansive Realm of Historia project, inviting holders to a global initiative of preserving and virtually exploring iconic world heritage sites.

Join us, and be a Steward of Historia, an admirer of art, and a pioneer in a world where the past is re-lived through the lenses of future technology.

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