Realm of Historia: Structuring Revenue for Cultural Preservation and Artistic Support

Realm of Historia is not just a digital art collection; it's a dynamic platform where the preservation of cultural heritage and support for artists are paramount. The meticulous structuring of revenue allocation underlines our commitment to these causes. Here, we delve into how each sale contributes to a greater mission, ensuring the continuous nurturing of history, art, and technology.

Breakdown of the Revenue Allocation ** For Preservation and Research (20%):** A fifth of the proceeds from each NFT sale is dedicated to our partner NGO, which plays a critical role in the preservation and research of cultural heritage sites like Carahunge. This funding is crucial for the ongoing maintenance and academic exploration of these historical treasures.

For Artist Support (20%): Similarly, another 20% goes directly to the partner NGO representing our talented artists. This ensures that the creators who breathe life into our digital assets are fairly compensated, fostering their artistry and livelihood.

Operational, R&D, and Expansion (60%): The largest share, 60%, is allocated for the operational costs, research and development, and strategic expansion of Realm of Historia. This is where we lay the groundwork for the project’s evolution, bringing our vision to fruition.

Strategic Use of Funds for Expansion and Innovation

**Expanding to New Historical Sites: **A significant portion of our budget is earmarked for expanding Realm of Historia to include various global historical sites, enriching the project's cultural diversity and reach.

Developing 'The Atrium': A substantial investment goes into developing 'The Atrium', our envisioned virtual realm that blends history, art, and technology in an immersive experience (imagine a fusion of 'Ready Player One' and 'Tron'). This includes technical development, user experience design, and content creation.

Lore and Character Development: We allocate funds to create an immersive lore that forms the backbone of the Realm of Historia universe. Collaborating with historians and scholars, we craft authentic stories based on real-world events and myths, deepening user engagement.

PFP Artwork Creation: In line with the lore, we invest in creating unique PFP artworks, visualizing the rich narratives and distinct traits of each character in collaboration with talented artists.

**Interactive Game Development: **A portion of the budget is dedicated to developing an interactive game that ties into the Realm of Historia universe, serving as both an entertainment and educational tool.

Gamified Experience and Reward System: The integration of a gamified reward system in the game incentivizes learning and participation, making the experience both enjoyable and enriching.

Community Engagement and Education: We invest in community engagement and educational initiatives to attract and retain players, and to impart knowledge about the historical and cultural themes of the game.

Secondary Market Sales: Upholding our self-sustainable model, the same fund distribution applies to secondary sales. The 10% royalty fees from every resold NFT are allocated to preservation, artist support, and organizational growth.

Conclusion: A Cycle of Support and Development

In Realm of Historia, every holder becomes a Steward of Historia, contributing to a self-sustaining ecosystem where culture, history, and technology thrive. Through this model, we ensure that each sale and resale is not just a transaction but a step forward in our continuous journey of supporting and celebrating our collective heritage.


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