Press Release: Realm of Historia

The "Realm of Historia" initiative symbolizes a groundbreaking endeavor to digitally preserve the rich heritage of our world. By marrying history, art, and modern technology, this project seeks to transpose cultures' profound legacy into the digital sphere, ensuring its resonance with future generations. Through this initiative, not only is a novel platform for cultural preservation established, but a tribute to the indelible mark of ancient civilizations on our world is elegantly crafted, securing a digital conduit between the past and the present.

At the heart of "Realm of Historia" lies the "Carahunge X" digital asset collection, a venture aimed at immortalizing the ancient Carahunge site through digital tokens. This collection is not merely a fusion of history and technology, but a gateway to delve into Armenia's mystic past, while enjoying the benefits of Solana’s blockchain technology. As an extension of the broader "Realm of Historia" mission, the Carahunge X project manifests the tangible effort in preserving, celebrating, and passing on the historical essence encapsulated within the ancient stones of Carahunge to the digital realm, ensuring it remains accessible and intriguing for generations to come.

The use of Solana Blockchain in the "Realm of Historia: Carahunge X" digital asset collection is pivotal for ensuring secure and efficient transactions. This blockchain technology stands out for its speed, minimal fees, and robust security, making it an ideal choice for handling transactions within the project. The Solana Blockchain not only enhances user interaction but also underscores the project's commitment to providing a seamless, reliable, and secure environment for its community, thereby grounding the "Realm of Historia" project in a network known for its technological robustness and efficiency.

The roadmap of "Realm of Historia: Carahunge X" is divided into four stages: Initiation, Pre-Mint, Public Mint, and Future Begins. Each stage has distinct goals, from the collection's assembly to its public minting. In the Pre-Mint stage, 20 digital tokens are minted for a Special Auction Event. The Public Mint stage involves launching a collection and a live lottery event. The roadmap culminates in the Future Begins stage, focusing on preserving Carahunge and supporting local artists through blockchain technology for transparent charity fundraising. The "Realm of Historia: Carahunge X" initiative ardently upholds the preservation of Carahunge, concurrently bolstering local artists. This dedication amplifies the project's cultural resonance while markedly aiding societal enrichment, seamlessly aligning with the overarching vision of honoring and safeguarding historical and cultural legacies. Through this endeavor, the project not only immortalizes the ancient heritage but also crafts a sustainable platform for contemporary artistic expressions and community growth, embodying a harmonious blend of past reverence and future nourishment.

The project envisions a virtual space where history and art are intertwined, providing an immersive experience. This digital realm allows users to interact with Carahunge's heritage, fostering a deeper appreciation. It also fosters innovation and creativity, as artists and enthusiasts can explore, contribute, and benefit from this convergence of the ancient and digital worlds. Through the virtual space, "Realm of Historia" seeks to create a vibrant community engaged in cultural preservation, while enjoying an enriched, interactive learning experience.

Realm of Historia: Carahunge X also has a range of esteemed partners. The project has the support of the Yerevan Biennial Art Foundation (YBAF), who aims to modernize Armenia's art scene, showcasing its cultural richness. A1 Art Space, a creative hub in the heart of Yerevan, provides a unique space for workshops, exhibitions, and creative professionals to collaborate. Latitude Art Space, another creation of YBAF, offers a novel approach to exhibitions and art performances in an industrial setting. These partnerships bridge cultural divides, empowering local artists and institutions while enriching Armenia's global cultural presence and heritage preservation.

Through the innovative use of Blockchain Technology and charitable endeavors, the Realm of Historia initiative beautifully encapsulates the ethos of 'Preserving History, Ensuring the Future'. By digitizing the rich heritage of Carahunge, it not only preserves ancient legacies but also seeds a future where culture and technology thrive together, nurturing a globally accessible, interactive, and educative platform for generations to come.


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