Official Statement

Realm of Historia is an international, multi-religious, and multicultural team of specialists dedicated to the creation of a project on global cultural heritage aimed at the preservation, protection, and popularization of cultural objects worldwide.

We stand against any forms of genocidal, radical nationalism, racism, nazism, anti-seminitsm, national enmity, political persecution, segregation of people by racial, gender, and national characteristics, and overall against any form of aggression.

Our main mission is to educate and actively contribute to the preservation of the cultural heritage of all humanity. We agree with the legendary philosopher of antiquity, Socrates, who asserted, "There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance."

Our approach includes the use of modern, non-destructive, technological solutions and the provision of digital tools that will allow the study of the oldest cultural heritage sites worldwide, initiate new and support current scientific research on these sites, and pass this knowledge on to the people and future generations.

Blockchain as a technology enables the project to guarantee the transparency and security of all financial resources directed towards the preservation and study of cultural heritage sites.

Transparency and openness in all processes are among our core principles - so that allocated funds are spent on specific tasks that will bring useful scientific knowledge about these sites and enable us to find new ways to preserve and protect these cultural marvels.

We stand firmly for working in collaboration with respectable local entities for the advancement of knowledge surrounding our species history.

Our journey begins in Armenia. The choice was not coincidental, as Armenia and the Armenian People are one of the oldest nations on Earth, possessing a rich history and unique cultural heritage. They are the first state in the world to adopt Christianity and their history dates back to the 7th century BCE, and by some estimates even earlier.

Every narrative, every scientific study, and every story has a beginning, has its origins. That is why the first cultural site that Realm of Historia works for the benefit of is one of the oldest sites of Armenian culture and one of the oldest megalithic structures in the world - Karahunj. According to the estimations of the distinguished Armenian scholar Paris Herouni, the age of this ancient monument of history is more than 7,500 years, which is several years older than the famous British megalithic structure "Stonehenge".

In order to ensure correct and conscientious actions aimed at assisting and preserving cultural heritage sites, Realm of Historia interacts only with official and reputable non-profit organizations whose goal is the preservation of historical and cultural heritage. Recognizing the importance of Karahunj and its significance for the people and culture of Armenia and the world as a whole.

Realm of Historia advocates for Armenian scientists and specialists to be our main scientific consultants, in all matters regarding Armenian heritage and for them to directly conduct all scientific research and work aimed at an Armenian site.

In accordance with our mission, we have formed an alliance of inter-disciplinaries united under ‘Realm of Historia’ including a large number of prominent representatives of the Armenian scientific community, which includes Armenian scientists from various scientific disciplines and fields, allowing comprehensive and most professionally conducted scientific research and actions aimed at preserving and protecting Armenia's cultural heritage sites.

Realm of Historia advocates for all processes aimed at assisting objects of global cultural heritage to be transparent and open to all.

It is important to note that all planned actions aimed at assisting Karahunj will be coordinated with the state and state-authorized organizations. Any and all actions or activities undertaken with the Karahunj site will be done in accordance with local rules & regulations and the Armenian state law.

All the results of any planned actions or activities will be unconditionally contributed to the Armenian scientific community and public for the use of this data in their existing research, as well as for initiating new research.

Kind Regards, Realm of Historia.

ROH Team

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